The Science


What Is It

Our diode laser is a completely safe non-invasive fat reduction and body contouring system approved by the FDA. It stimulates the natural processes of the body to help reduce the size of adipose (fat) cells without destroying body tissues of any kind.   

With the reduction in size of the targeted fat cells the circumference of the related area of the body is reduced as well as the appearance of related cellulite.


How it Works

The human body stores unused fuel (calories) in the form of triglycerides within fat cells in various areas of the body for later release into the system as the need for energy arises. The challenge in this process is that the body often intakes more calories than it uses and therefore stores the excess within the fat cells which then become larger. The result may not only be an unwanted change in an individual’s physical appearance but an undesirable change in their overall health as well.



Where Does the Fat Go?

 Unlike resurfacing lasers used to treat the superficial skin layer, the cool diode laser energy safely penetrates the skin, targeting the fat cells in the subcutaneous layer. After a few minutes the stored triglycerides are released from the cells and subsequently either used by the body for energy or safely eliminated as waste.